Job Fraud Alert

How to Protect Yourself from Job Fraud

  1. Checking the company’s website, verifying that they have a physical address
  2. Contacting former employees or customers of a particular business on social media, review sites like Yelp, Google, Whois etc.  If someone has had problems with them in the past then it is likely that there will be more complaints coming your way soon as well.
  3. Always be wary of people who claim they can get you a great job with no experience or qualifications, especially if their offer sounds too good to be true.
  4. If someone offers you a high-paying job, without any requirements such as education and/or previous work experience, it is likely that the position does not exist at all and the person offering it will take your money in hopes of getting something back one day when he finds out there’s nothing for him.
  5. Incorrectly written job descriptions with typos and grammatical errors
  6. Being cautious of the information you provide during an interview
  7. Checking your references and verifying that they are legitimate
  8. Asking for a background check before accepting any position. Check there financial stability and check there balance sheet available online
  9. Using social media as well as all other available resources to research companies