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Job Description Summary As a Director of a software engineering group, you will apply your knowledge of management, software development methodologies, best practices, and proven processes to lead teams to deliver a quality software product on budget, within planned schedule with superb quality. Job Description Roles and Responsibilities In this role, you will: Build a world class software development team to consistently deliver complex software platforms and research projects of varying and duration. Design and execute on a well thought out strategy for the organization Manage a team responsible for UX, front end and back end development using the latest technologies and methodologies adopted from industry wide practices. Actively present leadership updates to GE executive sponsors and customers. Work with others to define future technology platforms and architecture for products and services. Quickly learn, internalize and develop a strong understanding of key priorities and the clients Align with stakeholders to ensure that data and process changes required in systems are implemented in accordance with project objectives and timelines Provide day to day work direction for team members engaged in projects and delivery. Facilitate and coach software engineering teams on requirements estimate and work sizing. Demonstrate mastery of intricacies and interactions within dynamic agile cultures and processes. Drive a continuous learning culture to help guide continuous improvements. Provide leadership on Lean/Agile principles and development practices. Actively pursue new methods and practices to increase productivity Utilize project management tools to track progress and recognize key risk areas for specific implementations Assist in the resolution of conflicting priorites through the proactive communication of requirements, timelines and stakeholders. Operate as a engaged leader who serves as a subject matter and technical expert for assigned programs and development initiatives Work with system leaders and functional teams to ensure products and services adhere to compliance and controllership standards Education Qualification For roles outside USA: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or “STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with significant experience. For roles in USA:Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or “STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with minimum years of experience8years Desired CharacteristicsTechnical Expertise: . Recognizes patterns and complexity in problems. Extracts decomposition algorithms, and strategically plans how to execute programs by understanding how best to decompose to expose / protect against risk . Thorough knwolegde of Software Development Life Cycle principles . Through working knowledge of CI/CD concepts and best practices . Understanding of full stack platform concepts and technologies . Good understanding of Platform Integration strategies by developing applications and framework. . Defines product vision. Lays out product roadmap. Maps current requirements to industry trends, analyses competition trends . Demonstrates mastery of the intricacies of interactions and dynamics in Agile teams. Demonstrates advanced understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles (e.g., Black belt certified). Guides new teams to adopt Agile, troubleshoots adoption efforts, and guide continuous improvement. Provides training on Lean / Agile. Drives elimination of inefficiencies in coding process. Teaches XP practices to others. Actively embraces new methods and practices that increase efficiency and effectiveness . Thorough understanding of Cloud Technologies and complex Platform Integrated Systems. Capable of designing technical implementation plans around integrating Platform systems. Business Acumen: . Prioritizes projects based on an assessment of competitive needs. Anticipates areas of competitive vulnerability and offers plans to mitigate them . Evangelizes new technology, predicts trends, and identifies new opportunities based on trends. Acts as industry expert by participating in defining standards and open source initiatives . Creates a culture of customer focus and high performance to drive innovation. Creates and pitches value for the GE investor while balancing that with the sometimes competing value for the external customer. Continuous engagement with focus on GE strategy for customer satisfaction Leadership: . Establishes framework for a culture of successful collaboration by defining a common understanding of who has decision rights and accountability, and how collaboration and transparency are rewarded . Establishes vision, Identifies and champions internal/external best practices, tools, and ideas to improve execution and quality. Drives an organization of efficiency, accountability and ownership . Able to verbalize what is behind decisions and downstream implications. Continuously reflecting on success and failures to improve performance and decision-making. Understands when change is needed. Participates in technical strategy planning . Build a team of highly technical engineers to implement and integrate applications using the Predix Platform ego system. Personal Attributes: . Uses critical thinking skills and disciplined approaches to help leaders and leadership teams resolve issues and define solutions. Evangelizes and contributes to the GE standards for critical thinking best practices and methodologies across the enterprise. Defines new critical thinking methods. Engages with external thought-leaders and communities on analytical and critical thinking methodologies . Excellent communication skills and the ability to interface with senior leadership with confidence and clarity . Evangelizes the notion that anything worth doing takes repeated effort and failure. Drives the organization toward a continued excitement of attaining the vision and goal in the face of resistance . Innovates and integrates new processes and/or technology to significantly add value to GE. Identifies how the cost of change weighs against the benefits and advises accordingly. Proactively learns new solutions and processes to address seemingly unanswerable problems . Take on technical challenges and direct the team to achieve a high level of understanding of the platform and industrial use cases. Note Note: To comply with US immigration and other legal requirements, it is necessary to specify the minimum number of years’ experience required for any role based within the USA. For roles outside of the USA, to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, the JDs should focus on the substantive level of experience required for the role and a minimum number of years should NOT be used. This Job Description is intended to provide a high level guide to the role. However, it is not intended to amend or otherwise restrict/expand the duties required from each individual employee as set out in their respective employment contract and/or as otherwise agreed between an employee and their manager.

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