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Key Responsibilities:

Support the EM consumer engagement team with .com/app optimization through both proactive- and reactive insights and analysis across clusters to enable data driven decision making;
Work with key technologies and tools to help in planning, activation, and analysis of consumer engagement and market roll-outs or new functionalities for CRM
Work on the dashboarding/reporting and automation of the tracking for CRM and membership (MS/Salesforce/Adobe/other)
Maintaining data health
Powering segmentation
Partner with Media Agency and other CRM partners on developing and activating against actionable insights from data
Tech capabilities and connected eco-system across touch points and one view of the customer and optimized customer journey
NPS feedback harvesting and feed into future planning
Member insights beyond analytics
Support in managing stakeholder analytics demand by delivering analytical solutions (data/reporting/dashboarding/business cases/analysis) to ticket based business questions;
Contribute to keeping the data quality top notch by owning and advocating your KPI’s and initiate new tagging requests when needed in order to track new viable in-app elements;
Help in setting challenging quarterly targets and making sure we have our strategy straight on how we will support the business in realizing quarterly goals;
You’re a star in prioritizing your tasks on business impact. With every task you ask yourself the “So What?” question and that way be critical to yourself and your stakeholder in how each task contributes to creating value for adidas;
Ensure analytics results drive consumer experience and business impact and help achieve market sales plans;
Support assigned projects in areas such as analytics implementation, data analytics, business cases, AB Test- & Personalization experiments, data blending, qualitative data, etc.;
Develop strong relationships with business stakeholders to understand their goals, objectives, outline analytic requirements, provide solutions to business needs and join forces in driving business improvement and onsite optimization.
Closely collaborate with the Consumer Engagement & Membership team in order to understand their business demands;
Create data solutions like KPI’s, dashboards and reports to monitor, report and improve consumer engagement and increase the % of adidas members in the app;
Personalization Roadmap
Build on what is currently best in class brand side activation of personalization capabilities by completing the end to end amalgamation of data and process inputs to enable full machine assistance with augmented by AI solutions
Increase audience coverage of personalization touchpoints, inbound and outbound
Feed into the Experiments program raising new ideas for AB Testing or Personalization
Increase the chance of your experiment being executed by adding proper data of how your experiment impacts performance and calculate what financial annual impact your suggested change would encompass;
Use your day-to-day activities in finding new viable consumer cohorts with homogenous behaviour/interests and think of cases how we could personalize their experience better.
Traffic and campaign optimization
Partner with the local team to develop strategies and initiate projects in areas such as analytics implementation, data governance and integration, marketing attribution, tag management, qualitative data, etc.
Build analytical solutions to increase the understanding of consumers, exploring their affinities and intents in order to make the best recommendations to individual consumers through the right digital channel at the right time to increase reach, engagement, buy and advocacy and inform strategy.
Partner with the local team to advise key strategic stakeholders on the value and use of digital analytics to define goals, select appropriate KPIs, monitor performance and derive trends and opportunities.
Build a strong stakeholder network with high level of trust that facilitates action-ability of insights.
Support in making sure we deliver an optimal consumer experience on crucial page types and a smooth conversion path from landing on adidas digital platform to order;
Create and maintain dashboards/reports to report conversion performance and monitor the health of the KPI’s that were set;
Support in providing insights for commercial activation in order to optimize consumer experience and maximize commercially viable opportunities;
Monitor performance and provide actionable insights when new .com/app content/functionalities are being released.
Help in creating and maintaining dashboards/reports to report on PLP and related topics performance and monitor the health of the KPI’s that were set;
Support in providing insights on potential missed opportunities that are currently not commercially capitalized on;
Monitor performance and provide actionable insights when new .co/app content/functionalities are being released like e.g. a new shop navigation.
Support in measure the effectiveness of onsite content in order to drive creative and operational efficiencies.
Support in proactively delivering feed recommendations and insights to the Digital Activation and Content teams based on the commercial and brand calendar for the year to drive higher engagement, click through rates and conversions of app content.
Support stakeholders in your area of responsibility in the use of digital analytics to define goals, select appropriate KPIs, monitor performance and derive trends and opportunities.
Maintain a strong stakeholder network with high level of trust that facilitates action-ability of insights.
Drive the implementation and use of data driven decision processes, in line with a fact-based decision culture.
Collaborate closely with your analytical counterparts in the Global- and US analytics teams. Share your work and planning, avoid duplication and discuss project approaches.
Co-initiate and help implement new reporting structures or refine existing structures within your area of responsibility in alignment with Global Digital Analytics Frameworks and Data Governance;
Help distill best practice guidance to other markets and other adidas stakeholders to maximize the use of analytics capabilities.
Proactively feed tracking enhancements to the data governance team for the app
Proactively challenge KPI definitions that become irrelevant due to the changing nature of the business.
Drive the application of the full set of advanced analysis methodologies to optimize customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, experience and loyalty. This includes framing of business needs, data exploration as well as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive modeling.
Drive the development of customer segmentations, acquisition and retention strategies, predictive modelling, customer lifetime value metrics and marketing effectiveness measures.
Help the market team benefit from innovations in the global ecosystem of data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence by developing, nurturing, and maintaining a solid network with key players.
Support industry, market and global benchmarking.
Key Relationships
Digital Activations
CRM & Membership
Analytics and BI
eCom Consumer Experience/Operations
Consumer Service
Brand Activation
Global Data Governance
eCom global Digital Analytics
eCom Market Teams
other Digital Analytics stakeholders
Knowledge, Skills And Abilities
A passion for delivering data-based recommendations for quantifiable improvements in business results and consumer experience;
Very good communication skills, comfortable presenting complex topics to stakeholders at various organizational levels both in person and remotely
Very good presentation skills, data management and reporting and story-telling;
Ability to understand and analyze complex systems and transform them into simpler structures.
Good knowledge of Digital Experience landscape, processes and KPIs;
Sufficient experience with analytics tools and disciplines (app, web, eCom, social, mobile, sentiment, paid media, SEO, SEM, CRM, SQL etc.);
Sufficient experience with visualization techniques;
Experience with BI, Financial, Merchandising processes is a pre;
Good project management skills, including the ability to lead projects or work on several projects simultaneously;
Proficient in Amplitude, Adobe Analytics, MS Office; GMP/other
Fluent in English, both verbally and written.

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