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What are we looking for ?

 Engineering graduate with at least 3 to 4+ years of experience as a DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer.

 Deep understanding of at least one modern Linux distributions and it’s package management system.

 Good experience in writing BASH scripts.

 Must be able to code in at least one programming language (Preferably python or golang).

 Strong understanding of running at least one production grade web application server along with its process


 Should have experience in setting up SSO (Single Sign-On) or managing LDAP servers.

 Should be able to do advanced networking on AWS with right security practices for different business driven

use cases.

 Should have experience in setting up and administering at least one CI / CD systems like Jenkins, Gitlab CI,

Travis etc.

 Should have very good experience in Docker, Docker Compose / Swarm.

 Prior experience of working with Kubernetes would be a plus.

 Experience in running servers on AWS at production scale.

 Should be familiar with Load Balancing and Auto Scaling concepts on AWS.

 Should have experience in building infrastructure from config / code (Infra as Code).

 Should have experience in setting up at least one monitoring / alerting solution for monitoring all critical

cloud resources.

 Experience in working with at least one CDN following the best practices.

 Should have experience in setting up different pipelines for DR (Disaster Recovery) and for improving Infra


 Should have a keen eye for the systems in place.

 Team player, excellent problem-solving skills and ability to learn new technologies a must

 Thrive in a startup environment.

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