About Jobs Elevate


Jobs Elevate is the nation’s leading employment board, with thousands of resumes and job postings every day. Jobs Elevate aims to encourage job searchers by providing free access to job search, resume posting, and company research.

Every day, we bring together thousands of employees and employers for new jobs. Our primary aim is to assist people in finding employment and to assist employers in finding outstanding candidates.

Who can utilize the facilities of Job posting and Job searching’s on the site.

All Individuals searching for job openings, services, or information connected to their personal employment or job hunt (“Job Seekers”) are welcome to utilize the Sites. Individuals and/or organizations seeking information about hiring or human resources, or seeking to make available information about job openings (“Job Listings” or “Job Ads”), on their own behalf or on behalf of others, including but not limited to agencies purchasing for multiple parties (“Employers”), may be able to access the Sites.

What information about you do we gather and when do we collect it?

When you choose to provide to us via our Sites, such as contact information, résumé information, or location data;

when you apply for jobs, use assessment questions or automated phone screening, and when you use chargeable services or are an Employer providing necessary Employer information for verification purposes; and when an Employer providing necessary Employer information for verification purposes.

Why are we gathering personal identification information? and how we use them?

We gather and utilise your data to assist Job Seekers in finding jobs, Employers in finding people, and to offer and improve our services to you. To summarise, we use your Personal Data to create your account and send you Job Alerts or other promotional materials, provide you with relevant search results and job recommendations, facilitate communication during the job search, application, and interview process,  depending on your privacy settings (e.g. private or public resume) we make your resume available to third parties,  match Job Seekers with Employer Job Listings, prevent fraud, spam, and other potentially fraudulent or illegal activities. We keep your Personal Data until you request that we delete it, which you can do by making a deletion request.